The Jury will evaluate according to the following criteria:

Rafael Araujo

As an autodidact, my work is the outcome of years of persistence, trial an error upon the theme of tridimensional geometry and the “platonic” search of the illusion of the “Truth”, by means of the development of structures which could perfectly be described as illustrated equations of natural subjects: shells, butterflies’ spirals, etc. do all by hand, on my drawing board with classical architectural drawing tools (a compass, protractor, squares and rules) and do not use any kind of computer software whatsoever.


David Umemoto

Umemoto's art is rooted in Americanness: His varied creations take their impetus from a desire to start settlements and to colonize wild lands, where nature is always on the verge of resuming its rights. When one sees Umemoto’s architecture sculptures, one thinks of the modernist complex of Brasilia by Niemeyer, lost in the Amazonian jungle, or of the complex of Chandigarh by Le Corbusier, in the heart of India. The walls rising towards nowhere, the curves running into ceilings, and the staircases leading into the void are reminiscent of the mysterious Prisons of Piranesi. One way or another, these are always works where imagination joins forces with a contemplative discipline.


Adrian Labaut

Adrian Labaut Hernandez is a Cuban Architect. He obtained his Master degree in the Politectico di Milano in Milan, Italy, where he is currently based.
He has collaborated with various studios, among them Degli Esposti Architetti and Guillermo Vazquez Consuegra.
Adrian has taken part in different international exhibitions, and hist work which moves between Art and Architecture has been widely published.
He created ALABAUTH (alabauth.eu) in 2013, to focus in developing his personal theory and projects.