# Question Answer
Should the drawings reflect a space in Peru or can they be proposals for buildings inserted in the landscape? It can be as much a sketch of a Peruvian landscape as an existing building or one designed by the contestant.
My drawing can be from a particular region of Peru or it must be of all? The theme of the drawing is absolutely free.
The building you draw must be existing or can be invented? It can be existing or invented, but it must be developed within a context that includes any of the regions of Peru.
May I participate even though I have never been in Perú? Yes, we encourage artists to go to their imagination, the Internet or a book of images in which they can express their creativity at the moment of expressing something of or in Peru.
Is there a special place or link where you can see very realistic photos of Peru? Yes, indeed you muy search in: https://www.peru.com/ https://www.peru.travel/es-pe/ https://www.peru.travel/?internacional/
I’m an architect... may I craate a “dreamed” house in Machu Picchu (by example)? Yes, indeed you can. As a matter of fact, we encorouge all the architects to do something like that.